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Residential Housing Development, LLC was formed to develop and acquire student communities across the United States. With over forty years of combined experience in student housing, the executive team has extensive skill in the development, acquisition, management, and disposition of Class A, lease-by-the-bed student housing communities. Guided by “tested and true” development principles the founders have learned over the years in their diverse, successful real estate careers, Residential Housing Development has developed a reputation as one of the country’s premier student housing development companies, won numerous industry awards, and garnered recognition by its industry peers as a “developer’s developer” for its excellence in design and execution.

The company’s formula for success combines “out-of-the-box” thinking, rooted in a deep understanding of its customers’ needs, with the discipline and patience that it takes to identify, not just a site or market, but rather the right deal within a market. This approach has guided the company’s principles in the development of over 7,000 beds with over a 99% initial lease up rate.

Residential Housing Development’s mission is rather simple: to design and develop communities that fulfill our residents’ housing needs better than any competing property in each market we enter into. We believe by focusing on our residents and bringing creative ideas to each marketplace, while strictly adhering to our core, real estate principles, that success, financial and otherwise, will inevitably follow. As testament to this, equity in each company development is contributed and project financing is guaranteed by it partners. This practice is at the heart of Residential Housing Development’s philosophy in that its founders believe that it is critical for them to have “skin in the game”, be committed to excellence in all aspects of development and asset management, and never get caught up in the kind of “churn and burn” development mentality so commonly encountered in successful market environments.

Residential Housing Development was founded in 2003 and has offices in West Palm Beach, Florida and Houston, Texas.

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The District on Apache

The District on Apache

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